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Previous to issuing E-News by email, a paper Newsletter was circulated by post. The most recent edition of the newsletter sent to member societies and associate members was Edition No. 36 dated November 2010. Back copies are listed below:

International Festival of Surveying - 10-11 February 2021

The festival is a partnership between UWE Bristol and CASLE (Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy).The event is a two-day virtual conference to bring together experts in the surveying sector to discuss the future of the built environment and celebrate international communities.


Members of the CASLE Management Board & Task Force in collaboration with the University of the West of England extend their warmest invitation for CASLE (Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy) members, Individual and Group Associate members and affiliates to register to virtually attend the above festival.​

The event offers the opportunity to take part in a series of lectures and workshops alongside the undergraduate and postgraduate built environment students at UWE Bristol.

Programme Flyer

Rapporteur notes of proceedings

CASLE 2018 Conference, Lusaka, Zambia  - 29 November -1 December

'Developing a Sustainable Professionalism in Surveying and Relevant Education in the Commonwealth'

The conference was organised by The Institution of Surveyors of Zambia in collaboration with CASLE

For more details, see Conference Proceedings

CASLE 2017 Conference, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 10-11 August 2017

'Sustainable Developoment Goals: a time for innovations and investment in land administration and management'

The conference was organised by The Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania (IST) and The Tanzanian Institution of Valuers & Estate Surveyors (TIVEA)  in collaboration with CASLE

Conference Report

University of Lagos/ESVARBON International Conference on Property Tax Reform - 26/27 July 2017

Responsible Investments in Land: perspectives from Tanzania and globally

From June 5-16, 2017, Landesa and the Land Portal will co-facilitate a dialogue through which a variety of stakeholders will contribute to discussion on the principles and practices of land-based investments, with a focus on the Tanzanian context. This is intended as part of the broader conversation on responsible investment in land principles, guidelines and practices that has proliferated since, at least, the 2009 food crisis and subsequent ‘land grabs’ that swept the global south. This discussion is intended to bring to the fore a grounded perspective on a conversation and debate that often remains in the conceptual or abstract. The Tanzanian context is particularly relevant because of the government’s interest to increase agricultural investment and revise the current National Land Policy with the process underway, which, among other topics, has implications for decision-making processes around land-based investments. Click here for more info.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative status

1 June 2017 was the deadline for NGOs to apply for ECOSOC consultative status in order to be considered by the 2018 NGO Committee.  ECOSOC is one of the most influential organizations in global civil society with a website constantly visited by a wide array of organizations.

IPMS - International Property Measurement Standards

IPMS standards have been drafted by the independent Standards Setting Committee and establishes a consistent methodology for measuring buildings around the world. They are available to freely download in several language versions.

The independent Standards Setting Committee is comprised of nominated representatives of the IPMSC.  The 19 SSC members are:

■ Max Crofts, Commonwealth Association of Surveying & Land Economy (UK) – Chair

■ Allen Crawford, Australian Property Institute (Australia) – Vice Chair

■ Alexander Aronsohn, RICS (UK) – Executive Secretary to the Committee

■ Will Chen, China Development Bank & GoHigh Capital (China)

■ Anthony Gebhardt, South African Property Owners Association (South Africa)

■ Kent Gibson, Capstone Property Management (USA)

■ Prof. Marc Grief, Society of Property Researchers (Germany)

■ Liu Hongyu, China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents (China)

■ Prof. Sr Dr Ting Kien Hwa, Centre for Real Estate Research, University Teknologi MARA (Malaysia)

■ Luke Mackintosh, Ernst & Young (Australia)

■ Howard Morley, NZ Realtors LTD (New Zealand)

■ Frederic Mortier, Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (Belgium)

■ Sara Stephens, Appraisal Institute (USA)

■ Peter L. Stevenson, Stevenson Systems, Inc (USA)

■ Nicholas Stolatis, TIAA-CREF (USA)

■ V. Suresh, HIRCO Developments (India)

■ Koji Tanaka, Mitsui Fudosan (Japan)

■ Dr. Piyush Tiwari, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University (India) and Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne (Australia)

The Commonwealth Association of Surveying & Land Economy (CASLE)

Please contact Susan Spedding, Secretary General of CASLE for further information.   Tel: +44 (0) 117 328 3036    Email:

CASLE joined the ICMS Coalition on 23rd June 2015

Third Edition out for Consultation

CASLE, as a representative body of the international construction profession, is in agreement with the goal of addressing construction measurement inconsistencies to increase public trust while supporting financial reporting and sound economic information. We have committed in principle to the development and implementation of International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS).

The Second Edition has been renamed as the International Cost Management Standard to include life-cycle costs and is available to download

The Third Edition consultation, which now includes Carbon calculations, can be downloaded here. It is open for consultation until  10 September 2021.

CASLE joined the IES Coalition in October 2015

CASLE, as a representative body of the international property and related professions,  supports the goal of increasing public trust by improving ethical consistency, perceptions and enforcement. We have committed to the development and implementation of International Ethics Standards.

On Wednesday 7th December 2016 a coalition of more than 100 property professional bodies worldwide which make up the IES Coalition, published the first set of ethics principles for professionals working in land, property, construction, infrastructure and related professions.

The IES Coalition believes that creating a universally applicable set of ethics values will help assert the role of ethics and help ensure greater professionalism. The Standards can be downloaded at

CASLE joined the ILMS Coalition in June 2016

CASLE, as a representative body of the international property and related professions,  supports the goal of establishing the first globally applicable framework for recording land information under the globally agreed Voluntary Guidelines for the Responsible Governance of Tenure in a drive to improve tenure security, land rights, access to investment and economic development.

The inaugural meeting of ILMS was held at the headquarters of the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UNFAO) in Rome on 9th and 10th June 2016. Since then the Coalition has been established and includes some of the foremost land experts in the world.  It is envisaged that the SSC will aim to publish a draft standard for consultation during late 2017.

An ILMS paper has been accepted for the World Bank Conference in Washington in March 2017 and a meeting of ILMS was held on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 during the conference.

Read the Press release

CASLE joined the IFSS Coalition in March 2018